Download YouTube videos

How to download YouTube videos

Do you need to download YouTube videos? You have at your disposal different alternatives to do it. We tell you step by step how to download YouTube videos to your computer easily and without complications. Many users are wondering how to download YouTube videos. If you are one of them, the answer is very simple: you just have to copy and paste the link of the video that you would like to download, enter it in any of the pages that we show you below and download it directly to your device. With this simple formula you could download the entire YouTube … if you had time for it.

Due to copyright issues, the streaming video platform has never allowed video files to be downloaded natively, but has been limited to viewing. Until recently, it was only possible to watch the videos if you had an Internet connection, although with the arrival of YouTube Premium things have changed and you can view the content offline, upon payment of a monthly subscription. If you do not want to pay to watch YouTube videos offline, there are pages to download the videos that allow you to choose in detail how you want to download the file: you can configure both the resolution (from the lowest so that the file occupies little, up to Full HD … also going through 4K, if you have a compatible device) as the extension (MP4, AVI, 3GP … and even MP3, if you only want to convert the video to MP3).

Rip from YouTube

Downloading videos from YouTube is neither legal nor illegal –at least informally–: it is in a field halfway between legality and illegality. Google clearly prohibits the downloading of videos from its platform in its Terms and Conditions of Use, and points out that the content it hosts is not made to be downloaded: it only allows them to be played through its platform. But many video download sites have been operating for years, and it’s not like the company has made a titanic effort to tear them down.

Despite the fact that some pages clearly focused on downloading music from YouTube have closed in recent years — in the case of the closure of YouTube-mp3 was very popular — there are still many others that remain perfectly functional. And they are valid for both the mobile and the computer.

YouTube downloader

The situation is very different right now in Google Play, Google’s official application store for Android. The company long ago decided to erase any trace of the applications that allowed downloading videos from its streaming platform, and now if you look for apps to download YouTube videos for example, you will see that zero results are shown.

It is clear that many of the applications that have disappeared from Google Play are still available in the form of APKs on the Internet, but … is it really worth risking to download an installable file that may be infected?